Logic System Labs - Joel Howell * Artist * Recording Engineer *

   As an artist Joel Howell is self taught, working in a variety of mediums, ever evolving, his styles and tastes. His art runs the gamut from politically charged  to simple beauty, mysterious and dark to bright and light hearted. Many subjects are tested and tried before ultimately ending up in the gallery, or on the wall.
   Working mainly with found objects, trash and paint, a new picture is achieved from that which is discarded. Rebirth. Death. Renew and decay.
   Rusted out car parts become flora and fauna, discarded particle board becomes great backgrounds. Plastic and metal, twisted and shaped into something new. No piece of trash can't become something of use.

   As a recording engineer Joel achieved his credentials at the Recording Workshop of Ohio, in 1999. Having previously worked on many projects before that in his home studio. Since then, he has added to his know how of recording by producing bands all over the west Michigan area. Ever expanding his collection of microphones, he strives to collect the color of the music in much the same way he paints. Vibrant, experimental and never the same.

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